KYK Scholarships

Since November 2004, all the gratuitous scholarships are given by Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK). The quota allocated to our university by KYK differs from year to year as the allocations are based on the number of student contingents at the faculties and vocational colleges.  After the quotas have been evaluated by the Faculty and Vocational College Scholarship Commission, the results are relayed to the Credit and Hostels Institution by the Rectorship.  As a result of investigations of the KYK, those students whose declarations were accurate are allocated a scholarship, those that have not qualified for a scholarship are approved for a loan.  Scholarship results are announced every year in December on the Credit and Hostels Institution Web page.  The scholarship lasts a duration of 12 months, and may continue until the end of the educational period if the students doesn’t have any penalties or does not pass his/her courses due to absenteeism as stated in Erciyes University Scholarships Directives’ relevant articles .

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Our students are able to apply for scholarships supported by a variety of organizations and individuals through our universities’ ventures.  Benevolent businessmen who want to provide scholarships are given the opportunity to meet with the students and the amount of the scholarship is directly deposited into the student’s bank account.   The Social Services Scholarship Office announces scholarships granted by various foundations.  Also, academic units are able to provide students with scholarships.
Meal Assistance

According to the Meal Scholarship Directive, Turkish and international students that are having financial difficulties may receive one meal free of charge per day.
Clothing Allowance

Students are able to get a clothing allowance from the Clothing Center that is directly associated with the Social Services Office.  Clothing articles are donated by the benefactors, various community institutions and university staff.  
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