Social Facilities
Erciyes University Upper Talas Guest House

The Upper Talas Guest House has been open since 1978.  The guest house with 32 rooms is open during the summer and winter months.  The restaurant provides a pleasant dining experience in its garden with an authentic atmosphere from June to September. Guests are more than welcome to use the tennis court that are on the grounds.  At the Upper Talas guest house Erciyes University, higher education institution and other public agency personnel as well as the public are welcome to find vacancy at the guest house.

Atatürk Bulvarı No: 291 Yukarı Talas/KAYSERİ
TEL: +90 (352) 437 01 87

Erciyes High Altitude Sports Sciences Research & Application Center
Unfortunately, in Turkey there isn’t a research center associated with high altitude studies despite the presence of a suitable altitudes, mountain sports, and geography.  With this in mind, our university established the only research center in the vicinity of Mt Erciyes.  Although the establishment and opening of the research center occurred some years ago, activation and restructuring efforts are currently being undertaken.  As the research center is committed to research and by being in contact with international centers it will provide great benefits to our university, Kayseri and our country.  It will make a huge contribution to the promotion of our country.  The importance of the research center is now better understood as Kayseri Municipality is currently considering the master plan of Mt Erciyes.  The results of research done at the center will not only contribute to the people living at higher altitudes but will also subsidize the examination and improvement of health and sports performance in teams and delegations desiring to improve their performance by camping at high altitudes from a scientific point of view.  This research will not only benefit our region, but also our country in terms of health problems.

The aim of the center is to plan and devote research in the area of high altitude and sport sciences that will for the produce knowledge and understanding.  The activities include but are not limited to the following:  host/organize meetings, symposia, conferences, to produce quality publications that will reflect the collection of data, mountain sports and health as well as to announce and organize education in these areas.
The facility serves as a hotel to our university personnel/students as well as other university and public agency personnel.

Available facilities at the center:
  • 33 rooms, 88 beds
  • conference hall that can seat a maximum of 104 people
  • restaurant that can seat 100 people
  • cafeteria that can seat 80 people
  • sauna
Erciyes University  Yüksek İrtifa Spor Bilimleri
High Altitude Sport Sciences Research and Application Center
Erciyes Tekir Yaylası – KAYSERİ  TEL:+90 352 342 2109  FAX:+90 352 342 2110

Personnel Parlor
The facility has been established for the university staff to read newspapers, magazines, watch live sports matches and television broadcasts as well as to spend time in a relaxing environment.  The parlor has a capacity to seat 78 people and is open between: 10:00 - 23:00/ 7 days a week.

CONTACT: Erciyes University Main Campus Tel: +90 352 207 66 66/ ext. 10717
Erciyes University Mustafa Müjgan Boydak Day Care Center
Mustafa Müjgan Boydak Day Care Center provides services for the children of Erciyes University staff that are between the ages of 3-5.  The nursery has a capacity of 15 children per class and is open between the hours 08.00 - 17.00.
Unit Manager
Administrative Personnel
Cleaning Staff
Kitchen Staff
5 Teachers
2 Teacher Assistants
Educational  Program
The day care center accepts children who are 3 to 5 years old children. The most important stage of human development called as 0-6 years early childhood which is the fastest development period of the child that is affected by the environment. Our children are supported in a developmental perspective with the educational environments and programs prepared appropriate to the age and developmental characteristics.
The educational program targets Child-oriented Active learning is being implemented as considering the children to learn by making, living, using all their senses, as well as considering the age and developmental characteristics for the responsibility to be given, and considering their interests and needs and individual differences.
Social Activities:
  • Trips (activities held at the school and within the city limits)
  • Theater (theater events held at the school and in the city center)
  • Exhibition
  • End of the Year Show and Graduation Ceremony
  • Celebrations
 Branch Courses
  • Gymnastics
  • English
  • Chess
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Folk dances
Dining menus are prepared by Dietitian and lunch is provided by carrying from nursery. Morning breakfast and afternoon tea is served as cooked by chefs in the kitchen area of the school. 3 meals are given in our nursery which’re morning breakfast- Lunch and afternoon tea.
Health Monitoring
There is a nurse who is following the development of the students and following-up the medication in case of illness and there is also an infirmary for sick children.
       In Nursery as a total of 18 personnel; 1 Coordinator, 1 Unit Manager, 2 Office staff, 6 Classroom Teacher, 1 nurse, 3 Babysitter Mother, 1 Cleaning Staff and 3 Kitchen Staff are serving.

       Our Nursery has been serving the children of our University staff between the hours 8:00-17:00.

       In the Nursery there are 7 classes consisting of children who are 3-5 years old who have completed their 24 months. Our total capacity is 105 persons.

       In addition to the given training appropriate to the Ministry of National Education Preschool Curriculum, English, Chess, Music and activities such as Folklore, Dance, Step etc. which may vary each semester are also included.

       In our Nursery dining menus are prepared by Dietitian and is served as cooked by chefs in the kitchen area of the the school. 3 meals are given in our school which’re morning breakfast- Lunch and afternoon tea.

       There is a nurse who is following the development of the students and following-up the medication and there is also a nurse room for the sick children.

       There is a sandbox and two playgrounds in the garden of our Nursery, children play with garden toys during the summer time.
Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri, Turkey. I Phone: +90 352 207 66 66
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