Student Organizations
Student Activities Commission
The formation of the club or community is a unit affiliates to Rectorate working for our university students to realize their deal with their own intellectual activity at their spare times beyond the course hours; with respect to all activities to be done to provide the support for our students to conduct scientific, social, cultural, artistic and sportive activities, it is working to ensure the needed location, materials, procurement of tools and equipment demand, provision of financial support for the participation in scientific and social activities, provision of needed support with the opportunities of the institution during the invitation of renowned scientists, writers, artists and educational specialists, provision of the support of the relevant Departments with their resources and capabilities besides the Rectorates’ will during the sustaining of  these activities, in particular the Health, Culture and Sports Departments.
There are a total of 142 NGOs with 10 platforms consisted of Student Activities Commission and over 45 thousand students who’re continuing the activities and with the clubs and communities within these platforms.
The clubs who applied to the Student activities commission are benefiting from all the opportunities of the University and pursue their activities. We would like to thank to those who’ve support all the activities that the clubs and communities succeeded and wish success in their work: primarily to the Rectorates’ Will, Our Merciful Consultant Academicians and devoted students, Head of Departments and our unit personnel who’re executing the affairs of Student Activities Commission ardently and patiently.
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