Books that can be purchased at the Kadir Has Central Library Book Store

Author Book Title
WHO Health Education: Handbook on Basic Health Principles 7,50
WHO Health21, Health Policy for Everyone in the WHO European Region 7,50
Hasan Yetim Food Analysis (Lecture notes) 10,00
Hasan Yetim Instrumental Food Analysis 10,00
Behzat Altural Organic Chemistry 15,00
Buket Saatçi Mechanical Laboratory Experiments 4,00
Serdar Sakin International Project: A National Treaty for Great Powers Challenge  
Ed. Yusuf ÖZTÜRK, Osman GÜNAY Public Health: General Information 50,00
  Modern Biotechnology and its Applications 15,00
Fazlı ASLAN Knowledge and Scientific Ruminants of Ahmed Midhat Efendi 10,00
Kemal Demir and Suat Çabuk The Turkish Era of Kayseri and Its Surrounding Areas 20,00
Gaffar Mehdiyev Armenian Courses 7,00
  Devr-i Hamid Sultan Abdulhamid II 125,00
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