IT Department Services
The services of IT Department can be listed as; software development, network infrastructure planning and implementation, web design, information security, system configuration management and operation, user support, user trainings, required hardware and software investigation, investigation of new technologies and conduction of required infrastructure and training studies for the selection and implementation of the necessary ones to our university, system development and support services.

Wireless Network Service

Free wireless internet service is offered to our university students and staff within the campus. You can connect with your e-mail and password to benefit from this service.

For more information, see

Proxy - Database Access

To use the databases that Erciyes University Head of University Library has a membership, you should connect to the proxy server. You could make settings in the following way.
  • Open the Internet Explorer window
  • Enter to TOOLS Menu / Internet Options section
  • Select the Connections tab from the pop up window. Select Local Network Settings (LAN Settings) at that page
  • Tick “Use a proxy server for your LAN” tab at the new page.
  • Write to the address section, 3182 to the B.nok section, then turn the pages off by marking OKEY.
  • You will be asked for password when you typed the address you’ll reach

Username: Your e-mail address (
Password: Your email password

NOTE: Use these settings only during reaching the library databases, it will be useful to disable these settings for other uses.

1. Click here for Internet Explorer.

2. Click here for Mozilla Firefox.


Users can access their email through the web interface.


SMTP Authentication is a system that allows the users to send e-mails by using their user name and password (i.e., through authentication) who wants to send e-mail through e-mail server. SMTP Authentication is the system related only sending your e-mail and there isn’t any relation with taking e-mails.

With SMTP Authentication, users who want to send e-mail by using Erciyes University mail servers will be able to send and receive mail with clients such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Incredimail, Netscape, and Opera out of the University network without disturbing their settings.

In order to send mail through the server, you have to do SMTP authentication settings. If you don’t, you will only be able to send mail via the Web Interface.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol-Version 3) SERVICE

POP3 service is an e-mail reading service allows you instant access to your emails when using e-mail services such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger and Mozilla Thunderbird.
MAIL SETTINGS SERVICE  is a web interface offered to you to use your e-mails more efficiently. In this interface, there’re tabs described as belows and there is information on what for and how to use it.

Spam Display: It is the interface having a list of mails which come to your mail address, however thrown to spam pool as found to have high spam score by the spam detector laid on top of the server.

Settings: If you want to take mail regularly including a link about your mails found in the spam pool you should put the time you want in this section.

Orientation: This tab is necessary especially for graduate students. After graduation quotas of their e-mails will be reduced to 100KB; there will be an e-mail exchange problem if they don’t identify an address that they can directing the incoming mails.

Password Change: Interface you should use to change your password.

Password Reminder: You should enter an Alternative email Account information. After this process, after clicking on the button “I forgot my password” necessary information for your password will be sent to your alternative e-mail.

Alternative e-mail: If you have forgotten your e-mail password, an alternative e-mail address of yours is required to use password reminder attribute. Therefore, you should identify your alternate email address.

Extensive information on all settings could be found in the document at this link.

Software Service
  • Personnel Management System (PEYÖSİS)
  • Student Information System (OBİSİS)
  • Relative Note Evaluation System
Updating of softwares produced by Information Technology Department and staff training in this respect is maintained by our Software Group.

Web Services

Web Site Hosting Service

We’re supplying the units operating within Erciyes University, clubs, study and project groups with website hosting services at the servers Linux Web (PHP + MYSQL), Windows Web (.NET + MSQL) and Linux Video (PHP + MYSQL, WOWZA).

FTP Service

We’re providing FTP service for our users taking hosting services to access their domains in a safe and fast way.

Video Hosting Service

Provides web publishing service of the activities within our university. Publishes all activities and promotional videos conducted in Erciyes University and provides server service for the units that want to publish their videos.
The broadcasting opportunity of the activities such as Symposiums, Conferences, Panels, Festivals, Opening ceremonies at ERÜ TV is provided by contacting IT Department.

Online Survey Preparation

Persons or units can benefit from this service if they convey their needs with our unit with a formal letter. You can publish surveys over the web and can provide the survey results digitally as well as compile them easily.

Hardware Support Services;

It is working to meet the hardware support of our university's computer systems and to resolve the problems of end-users with user support.
  • To meet the user needs of academic and administrative staff,
  • Installation of personal computers and printers,
  • Installation of softwares, and making the settings like network,
  • To get it ready to use and to ensure compliance with the system,
  • Ensuring the solution of the reported software or hardware problems,
  • Execution of software update studies of machines within the university,
  • To check the licensed softwares on user computers and to correct the license deficiencies,
  • Installation of licensed anti-virus software for computer security and to control the security of installed systems.
  • To provide technical support to the administration for the determination and elimination of computer hardware requirements,

Online Journal Support

Open Journal Systems is a structure that allows the realization of a better quality editorial process as reducing the spended time and energy for the journal management by means of mediating the management of journals electronically.

As being the Information Technology Department, we will provide internationally usable hosting and process management services for the national academic journals to be published in the electronic environment. The units who want to issue a periodical are required to make the below mentioned preliminary preparation. For more information you can call the phone numbers 10216 and 10200.

Academic Server Service

Our Academicians need server having a variety of hardwares for their scientific research.
We can respond to these needs of our academicians with 3 large machine and storage area found within Information Technology Department.

Our infrastructure in this context;

1 pcs 8 * 2,411 GHz Dual-Core AMD Opteron (tm) Processor, 32 GB RAM machine
2 pcs 4 * 2,4 GHz Dual-Core AMD Opteron (tm) Processor, 10 GB RAM machine
1,59 TB SATA and 292,75 GB SCSI Disk

Lots of virtual machines having different operating systems as well as different hardware features are created on these three large machines by using Virtual Machine (VMware) software. And our users are provided with remote access to those virtual machines created with the desired properties.

Our academicians who want to benefit from this infrastructure should come to Information Technology Department and sign the Terms of Use of Research Project Server as well as fill out the Application Form.

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