Application, Registration And Acceptance Directive For Student Admission From Abroad
T. R.

Aim, Scope, Basis and Definitions

Aim and Scope
Article 1 -
This Directive has been drawn up for the purpose of regulating the conditions of application, registration and admission of foreign students to Erciyes University within the allocated foreign students quotas to faculty and college departments and programs specified by Higher Education Council.

Article 2 -
This directive is prepared based on Head Council of Higher Education article No. B.30.0.EÖB.000.00.01-06-383-3269 dated 27/01/2010.

Definitions and Abbreviations
Article 3 –
In this Directive following terms refer to;
a) University: Erciyes University,
b) Rectorate: Erciyes University Rectorate,
c) Foreign students: Prospective students graduated from a school equivalent to Turkish high schools, however who aren’t a citizen of Turkish Republic or TRNC or who hold dual citizenship one of which isn’t the Republic of Turkey or TRNC.
d) Foreign Students Admission Commission: Commission under the chairmanship of a Vice Rector, is consisting of an International Office representative of the unit responsible for accepting foreign students and educational affairs.


Application, Required documents, Evaluation, Educational Conditions and Registration

Application and Required Documents
Article 4 -
(a) Information on the application is announced on the University website in July every year. The applications are made by mail or personally to the University Registrar’s Office on the specified dates in the announcement. Documents University achievement date is taken into account during the acceptance of the application. Pre-application can be done over the Internet. Pre-applications will only be valid unless the documents failed to reach the university in time. Delays in the mail will be ignored. During the placement to the university foreign student quota; test types and the Higher Education Council decisions specified in Article 5 of this directive are taken into consideration.

(b) Those who take the base or upper scores can apply to the contingencies. The status of applicants applied with the results of tests not specified in the Directive will be evaluated by the commission.

(c) Applications are done with the following documents.
1- Application Form for Foreign Students (can be accessed from our university website)
2- High School Diploma: a certified copy of the high school diploma, a notary, officially (consulate) certified copy in Turkish or English,
3- Official Transcript (Note Status Certificate): This shows the classes and the grades the applicants have taken in high school. Applicants should submit their official transcripts certified by the related high school directorate, and their certified Turkish translation within a sealed envelope.
4- Original or certified translated copy of the exam (taken within last two years) result certification,
5- A copy of the passport page showing the identity information,
6. Bank receipt for the paid application fee,
7- 2 passport photographs,
8- An envelope on which the recipient address of the applicant is written.

Article 5 - (1) Applicants should have the following examination base grades and meet the conditions below in order to be eligible to apply:
a) A score of at least 1000 in total for SAT 1, at least 500 for mathematics,
b) In the ACT (American College Testing) Karma, a minimum score of 21 in Mathematics and Scientific Logic,
c) In the GCE (General Certificate Examination / A Level Certificate) at least 3 A level Certificate, one of which is related to the program applied for,
d) An I.B. (International Baccalaureate) diploma with a diploma grade of at least 28 depending on the department that’ll be applied.
e) ABITUR (German Baccalaureate) with a score of at least 4 points,
f) A French Baccalaureate diploma with a diploma score of at least 12 out of 20 (12/20),
g) In the TAWJÎHİ examination given in Jordan and Palestine, a score of at least 80 out of 100 in all courses in the Branch of Science (Scientific Stream),
h) In the Baccalaureate Libanais examination given in Lebanon, a diploma score of at least 14 out of 20 (14/20) in the Branch of Science (Scientific Stream),
i) In the AL-SAHADA-AL TAHANAWİYYA examination (Syria, Libya Baccalaureate), a score of at least 180 out of 240 in the Branch of Science (Scientific Stream) for Engineering – Architecture Faculty Departments and a score of at least 170 for other departments,
j) In the university entrance examination of People's Republic of China (GAOKAO), a score of at least 480 out of 750 depending on the applied departments’ score type.
k) A minimum score of 50 in the Turkish Republics and the Turks and Relative Communities Examination (TCS),
l) Gold, silver or bronze medal winners in the International Science Olympiads recognized by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) which participates in it as well,
m) Diplome Debirestan and Pishdaneshgahi (Iran); High school diploma grade average (Diplome Debirestan) of at least 17/20 in Iran and the “Pisdanesgahi” final grade of at least 17/20,
n) A minimum score of 90 out of 120 in Kazakhstan National University Test,
o) A minimum score of 60 in the Uan (Ujian Akhir Nasional) examination held in Indonesia,
p) Valid scores of OSS-YGS/LYS examinations.

(2) The base score of the examinations which are not mentioned above will be decided by the commission.
(3) “Special Talent Examination” is also required to be taken by the candidates applying to faculties and colleges admitting students according to the results of Special Talent Examination.

Evaluation of Applications
Article 6 -
(a) Evaluation, admission and department / program placement process of the candidates applied to Erciyes University foreign student contingency is done by the commission. University is free to complete the quotas declared. Fulfilling the application requirements does not guarantee the admission. Applications of candidates who don’t meet the application requirements will not be considered. The registrations of those determined not to meet the application requirements will be canceled. If required, additional quotas can be announced.
(b) Assessment of the applications to the University units accepting students with special talent examination is done according to the criteria in the special talent examination application, registration and admission directive of the relevant faculty / college.
(c) A "letter of admission" or an equivalent certificate is issued for the students who are entitled to admission.

Announcement of the Results and Registration
Article 7 -
(a) Results will be announced on University web page ( over internet.
(b) A letter of acceptance will be sent by the Rectorate to candidates who’re entitled to enroll in the university.
(c) After the announcement of the results, registration entitlement of the students who aren’t report to arrive the registration with a "confirmation letter" will be canceled.
(d) Registrations will be done to the University Registrar’s Office in the dates announced on the web pages.
(d) The applicant or incoming students contact to the Foreign Students Office created within International Office to exchange information on various topics.

Documents required for registration
Article 8 -
Following documents are required for the registration:
(a) The original of high school diploma and an "Equivalency Certificate" taken from Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the respective countries or Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education which indicates that related high school diploma is equivalent to the Turkish high school diplomas,
(b) Original of the examination result certification,
(c) The original passport and a Turkish translated notarized copy,
(d) Bank receipt for the paid contribution fee to the announced bank in the announced amount,
(e) A "Student Visa" taken from Turkish Embassy in the countries (or in the nearest ones) of the candidates if they’re from outside; or taken from Provincial Directorate of Security if the candidates are located in Turkey,
(f) The original copy of internationally valid Foreign Language -Turkish proficiency certificate approved by Turkish Embassy or Consulate in candidate's country,
(g) Residence permit,
(h) The Foreign Nationals Identification Number,
(i) 10-12 photos sized 4,5 x 6,0 (Photos should be taken within last 6 months at the front face, and in a form that the candidate could easily be recognized),
(j) With the terms and conditions designated by Erciyes University, a sufficient financial assurance amount of the financial possibilities of the students from abroad to sustain their higher education in Turkey is determined by the University Administrative Board and implemented by the of Higher Education Council's approval.

Turkish proficiency levels
Article 9 -
(a) Turkish levels of the students registered in our university are determined by Turkish proficiency examination results made by the Turkish Language Department of the Rectorate.
(b) Turkish proficiency levels,
Level A: Turkish level is sufficient. Students may begin education.
Level B: Turkish level could be improved within a short time. Education begins, but Turkish courses should be taken. Students should increase the Turkish proficiency levels to A until graduation.
Level C: Turkish level is inadequate. Candidates make the final enrollment to the higher education programs they’re placed, and they are granted leave of absence for one year (except for the ones apply to the departments with foreign language education) during which they take Turkish language education and they may begin higher education after increasing language level up to A or B.
(c) Candidates whose Turkish level is B or C are taken Turkish Proficiency Examination after the first week they begin the education.
(d) For the students whose Turkish proficiency level is C to be granted leave of absence for one year at the department / programs they enroll shall be decided by the management boards. Those taken A or B level Turkish Competency Certificate at the end of one year shall submit these certificates to the Registrar’s Office before the start of the academic year. Students are discharged from the University who failed to receive A or B level Turkish proficiency certificate at the end of one year or who failed to succeed in Turkish competency examination at Erciyes University.
(d) Language training period is not considered as a part of the academic education period of the department student will register. The student is obliged to pay the course fee during this period determined by the Senate.
(e) The equivalency of the Turkish proficiency certificates of the documents students have got from other institutions and organizations are determined by the Turkish Language Department of the Rectorate.

Medium of Instruction and Foreign Language Preparatory Education
Article 10 -
(a) Medium of instruction of Erciyes University is Turkish.
(b) Those whose Turkish proficiency levels are A or B at the end of the preparatory class begin their education. Those who’ve got a C level proficiency are granted leave of absence for one year to improve their Turkish level. Students enrolled in a foreign language medium department can also start education at the C level.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Health Services
Article 11 -
Health record isn’t provided to foreign students. However, if they apply to the Rectorate Registrar’s Office in an emergency, they’re provided to use the university medico-social services free of charge. Drug expenditures in those treatments are covered by the student. All foreign students are required to have health insurance by their education period.

Other Provisions:
Article 12
(a) Foreign students are subject to the regulations and directives concerning education of the registered department for matters not regulated in this directive.
(b) Academic Degrees given at Erciyes University are the same as those degrees given to Turkish Citizen students.
(c) The implementation schedule pursuant to the quota of students come from abroad to Erciyes University is determined for each academic year and indicated in the University Academic Calendar. Information on registered students are reported to Higher Education Council.

Article 13 -
The provisions of this Directive will take force on the acceptance date of Erciyes University Senate.

Article 14 -
This Directive will be executed by the Rector of Erciyes University.
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