Foreign students can accommodate in private dormitories or rented houses. All fees are fixed by the Turkish Lira. Regardless of their nationality, all foreign students pay the same fee as the Turkish students. Besides, most dormitories in Kayseri is divided into two parts as boys and girls dormitories. It would be better for the students to bring enough cash that can easily be converted into Turkish Lira. Prices are roughly 500-1000 TL per month. Credit cards may not be acceptable.
All transactions relating to state housing loans in Turkey is executed by Credit and Dormitories Institution. For detailed information you can visit the web page
There are 4 dormitories available in Kayseri. They are as follows: ; Erciyes Boys Dormitory with a capacity to host 1,726-students, Gevher Nesibe Girls Dormitory  with a capacity to host 2,133 students, Melikgazi Girls Dormitory with a capacity to host 1,340 students and Develi Student Dormitory that has the capacity to host a total of  598 students (424 girls and 174 boys) with a total accommodation capacity to host 5,827 students.  
Other than the dormitories that are sponsored by the Credit and Hostels Institution, students are able to stay at dormitories funded by foundations, private dormitories, boarding houses or rent an apartment in Talas or the city center.  
The Credit and Hostels Institutions dormitories have central heating and shower/bathrooms; these buildings provide a variety of opportunities for all kinds of social necessities.  Halls for conducting cultural, sportive activities as well as canteens, rooms for relaxation, study and reading rooms are available in the dormitories.
The number of dormitories available from the Credit and Hostel Institution will increase in parallel to the increase in number of students at our university,

Hızıroğlu Mansion
The Faculty of Tourism Application Hotel is located on the main campus and it is easy to access the different shopping centers, businesses, sightseeing excursions and entertainment areas.
The hotel offers a safe, comfortable and peaceful environment within the campus area. The hotel has a spacious garden with a view of Mt. Ali and Mt. Erciyes.  The hotel rooms have been designed for the convenience of the guests.  Breakfast is provided in the room rate.    
With the hotel’s modern, elegant and natural environment compatible design, you can make yourself feel at home.
• There are a total of 40 rooms which consists of 6 suites, 14 double rooms and 20 single rooms
• dining room where breakfast is served that is able to seat a maximum of 40 people
• all rooms and public areas have access to WiFi
• Ample parking is available near the hotel
Demir Karamancı Science Site
Demir Karamancı Science Site located on the main campus has been constructed and donated to the university by the benevolent businessman
Demir KARAMANCI. The Site consists of 60 flats; 54 are used for international academic staff and 6 flats are used for university guests.   
CONTACT: Erciyes University Campus                 
Tel: +90 352 207 66 66 ext 16702

For those students that could not be placed at the KYK dormitories, every attempt will be made to place them in private dormitories.  
Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri, Turkey. I Phone: +90 352 207 66 66
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