Facilities for Special needs Students
Barrier-Free Campus Unit Services
Erciyes University tries to provide the below listed services for its students and staff through Disabled Counseling and Support Services.

Required Services For Individuals With Disabilities
  • Required Services for Disabled Persons:
  • Equality in the access to programs and services
  • Provision of appropriate learning methods for the disabled persons through Erciyes University Disability Commission, Unit and the Rectorate
  • Provision of health services through the infirmary
  • Priority to stay at the University dormitories
  • Ensuring the services on course location change through the Registrar's Office
  • Priority in providing scholarships through the Scholarship Office
  • Ensuring student assistants through the Scholarship Office
  • Ensuring special dietary meals through Food Service
  • Conducting accessible arrangements through the Directorate of Construction

    Required Services for the Visually Impaired Students
  • Reading, note-taking and other assistance
  • Library and laboratory support assistance through the library
  • To provide alternative form materials (e.g. e-texts, braille alphabet, tape)
  • Provision of internet based materials through the library
  • Provision of Campus Orientation and "Independent Action" training
  • Braille reading rooms at the library
  • The use of the campus transportation map
  • Auditory traffic lights at major intersections of campus
  • Required Services for Physically Handicapped Students
  • Note-taking, laboratory assistance
  • The arrangement of the building and construction fields
  • Access to campus buildings with ramps and elevators
  • Ease of accessibility within the campus
  • Toilets to be accessible within the campus
  • Rearrangement of the location of courses and other activities at unsuitable buildings
  • Maps with accessible buildings
  • Ramps on sidewalks along the entire campus ensuring the whole accessibility
  • Presence of accessible parking spaces
  • Required Services for Hearing Impaired Students
  • Note-takers
  • Provision of the teleconference systems
  • Conducting the changes at the campus accommodation (dorms) units
  • Visual (visible) fire alarms
  • Required Services for Students with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Difficulties
  • Taking notes in lectures, tape recording
  • Required Services for Students with psychiatric and psychological problems
  • Psychiatrist in the infirmary
  • To facilitate the campus life of disabled students and academic and administrative staff, to plan supportive administrative arrangements for the education of disabled students and to undertake the execution of them when required, making stimulating studies for the disabled students to benefit from the activities in our university and to participate actively in these activities in order to develop themselves socially.
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