Health Insurance
All international students studying in Turkey can benefit from the ‘general health insurance’. When you benefit from the general health insurance, you can benefit from all the public hospitals free of charge and from private hospitals by paying a small share of the contribution. You can visit to learn about benefiting from general health insurance in Turkey by visiting ERYOK. Subsequently, you can submit your application to the Social Security Institution with the required documents. When you complete your application you can pay the general health insurance fee within one month after the enrollment to Social Security Institution.

You cannot benefit from the opportunities of general health insurance provided by the state if you do not apply for the general health insurance within three months after you register in the college. However, you can benefit from the opportunities provided by the state public health insurance. However, if you have international health insurance you can use this or can benefit from the private health insurances. Some universities offer private health insurance service for their international students.

Turkey is known for providing quality health services with lower prices. Therefore, alongside the neighboring countries, many patients from the western developed countries prefer to come to Turkey for dental treatment, ophthalmologic examinations and surgery etc. To avoid any problems until benefiting from the health insurance in Turkey, it is recommended to visit your dentist before your arrival, to take your contact lenses and glasses and to keep a first aid bag.
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