Practical Information for mobile students
The students who have accommodations at the Male and Female Students’ Dormitories of the Credit and Dormitories Institution can commute to and from the university campus by Talas Municipality and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality public buses.
The students who live in the city centre can travel to and from the university campus by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality public buses or private student bus services from all districts of the town.
There is a post office offering services on Campus. Students have the opportunity to make phone calls from various places on the university campus. Students can also mail a letter and pay their phone bill.
Türkiye İş Bank, Garanti Bank, Halk Bank  and Vakıf Bank have branches on campus.They all have ATM service for all the staff and students.
The Data Communication Web the University and the works of structural indoor cabling have been completed. the communication of all the Faculties, Vocational Colleges, Research Centres and Units is provided both interactive and worldwide at the Centre. Internet link has been provided for all the staff rooms and students laboratories. The university aims at all sorts of web facilities and their infrastructures needed for this purpose are in progress through Data Process Centre.
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