261 International Students Graduated from Turkish Learning Program

261 international students from 69 different countries graduated from Turkish-Learning program conducted in cooperation with the Continuing Education Center (ERSEM) and Turkish Teaching Research and Implementation Center (ERUTOMER).

Lots of academic staff and students including Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çalış, Vice Rectors; Prof. Dr. Recai Kilic and Prof. Dr. Mehmed Sıdkı Ilkay, ERSEM Manager Prof. Dr. İbrahim Develi and ERUTOMER Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgut Kocoglu attended the graduation ceremony held at Sabanci Conference Hall.

After Moment of Silence, Turkish National Anthem and recitation of the Quran, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgut Kocoglu made the inaugural speech of the graduation ceremony and gave information about Turkish teaching activities. He told: “TOMER is a peaceful place because when I enter into the center, I feel the sincerity and warmth. Therefore, I would like to thank everybody who supports us”.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Develi also gave information about ERSEM activities. He said: “ERSEM, increasing its activities day by day on a global scale, has become a center of attraction in many fields in Turkey besides educational fields”.

In his speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Calis told that each of the students learning Turkish is a cultural envoy. He continued his speech as follows:

 “ERSEM Turkish Teaching Program offers international students totally 960-hours Turkish language education at A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. This year, in September 2019, 360 students started Turkish education at A1 level. Not only have our students studied Turkish for 9 months, but they also have had the chance to attend technical and cultural trips, conferences, panels and lots of social activities. Today, 261 students from 69 different countries have deserved to graduate from C1 level successfully. 50% of our graduate students with YTB Turkish Scholarships; 20% with Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation scholarship; 5% with YOK scholarship; whereas 25% are private students. In addition, 55 students in total; 26 of whom are in an area of Sciences, 29 in Social and Human Sciences succeeding in Turkish Proficiency accomplished Academic Turkish Education. Furthermore, international students who are endowed with Turkish Proficiency and will start undergraduate education as from June 24th begin to study Academic Turkish education; therefore they will be encouraged to develop their academic levels of language fitted to their fields of interest. 200 students have attended YOS preparatory course this year as a result of the cooperation with ERSEM and Turkish Red Crescent Kayseri Community Center. 90% of these students are Syrian while 10% are from other countries.”

After speeches, plaque of appreciation is presented to those contributing to the Turkish Learning Program for International Students.

The ceremony ended after the presentation of diplomas to the international students, lyrical, theatrical and song performances.

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