A New Step by Erciyes University

Erciyes University has commercialized a Patent owned by a university for the first time in Turkey through assignment

Erciyes University has commercialized the patent titled “Kalorisi Azaltılmış Prebiyotik Kahvaltılık Modifiye Tereyağı- Prebiotic Breakfast Modified Butter with Reduced Calorie” through assignment to Gülsan Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş., one of the well-established and prominent companies in Turkey.

Through this commercialization, the assignment of a patent which was owned by a university for the first time in Turkey has been realized.

This is the first patent to be commercialized through assignment of Erciyes University, which was completely developed at Erciyes University Laboratories by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Doğan, Head of Food Engineering under the title of “Prebiotic Breakfast Modified Butter with Reduced Calorie.

Having been maintaining successful steps in regards to the transfer of accumulated knowledge to industry over Erciyes Technology Transfer Office, our university has obtained an income for the first time in its history by commercializing one of the patents, the ownership rights of which belonged to the university itself, by means of licensing. The university has been maintaining its studies to commercialize thus providing support for social development as well as added value to production.

One of the eye-catching collaboration examples between universities and industry, patent transfer also stands as a novelty in that it is a transfer maintained through a bidding process among other state universities.

Erciyes Technology Transfer Office has an essential focus on significant studies to turn knowledge into a commercial value by means of licensing the patents included in the technology portfolio of our university.

  The Developed Breakfast Butter,

- Is healthier as a result of prebiotic characteristic,

- Has less calorie by 40%,

- Is easily spread on the bread thanks to its soft nature,

- Is economical and has longer shelf-life.

Mehmet Güldüoğlu, the General Manager of Gülsan Gıda, the company under which the patent transfer will take place in order to deliver this work, whose R&D steps have been accomplished, to consumers, states as follows: “In recent years, it is known that the consumption of butter has decreased since it is thought to increase cholesterol. When people begin to understand the relationship between the nutrients they consume and a healthy life, the consumption of butter is limited in the presence of cholesterol and cardiovascular disorders. In addition, dietetic, reduced calorie, low fat and fiber food consumption trend has increased increasingly. For this reason, we are transferring the patent related to prebiotic breakfast butter with reduced calorie developed by Professor Prof. Dr. Dr. Mahmut Doğan to our company Gülsan Gıda to forward the product for public use under the framework of cooperation between University and Industry.”

In addition, it is a product which could comfortably be consumed in breakfast by those hesitating because of their over-weight or various health related reasons thanks to its low-calorie, as well as being unique in that there is no similar studies throughout the world. Güldüoğlu added that the product was a first of its kind in the world and they had launched relevant actions to put it on to the market.             

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