Advanced Workshop In Nanomedicine & Nanoscopy AWNN-2018, at 12-16 February 2018

On behalf of the AWNN organization & scientific committee,  we have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Advanced Workshop In Nanomedicine & Nanoscopy AWNN-2018, at the Erciyes University Campus, Turkey. The first nanotechnology Workshop in Kayseri aims to bring world-wide scientists in this multidisciplinary field to Turkey to disclose their important recent research. The Workshop also aims to show to the international participants,  the current nano-research and the state of the art nano-facilities available in Turkey and the region. This Workshop focuses on four main areas which are: Information Technology;  Material & Devices; Energy, and medicine.   Beside the invited elite speakers (6 Keynote and 15 Invited Speakers), we must received a total of 100 oral and poster abstracts from top academic individuals from many countries. Such presentations are tackling subjects like: nanostructure growth, fabrication, model, device design, testing, applications. Beside this main academic role of the  Advanced Workshop In Nanomedicine & Nanoscopy AWNN-2018, there is another important role we decided to consider at this Workshop, which is enhancing the society awareness about nanotechnology. We think, this role is needed for a developing our country Turkey. This awareness will target, high school students and teachers, undergraduate students and also will target the decision makers in Turkey and the Arabian region. Prof. MD. Füsun Ferda Erdoğan (AWNN Chair )


Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri, Turkey. I Phone: +90 352 207 66 66
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