ERU is among the first 300 Universities in THE Young University World Rankings

THE 2020 Young University Rankings, one of the outstanding university ranking organizations, were announced. Universities were determined according to 13 indicators in 5 main headings including Education, Research, Citations, Industrial Income and International Outlook in the ranking where universities under 50 years old were assessed worldwide; as a result, total score was determined, and the Education, Research and Citations had a rate of 30%, Industrial Income 2,5% and International Outlook 7.5%.

Last year, 14 universities from Turkey attended THE Young University World Rankings, but this year 23 universities have joined. According to the ranking results, while Erciyes University has been ranked in the 251-300 bracket among world universities, in the 5th bracket among the universities in Turkey; on the other hand, in the 1st bracket among state universities.

Turkish Universities in THE 2020 Young University World Rankings

Having aimed to be a strong research university by keeping its target to be a good academic institution, Erciyes University determinedly continues to proceed among leading higher education institutions worldwide provided that it maintains its prospective development with its strong academic staff and research infrastructures.

We are grateful to all our staff, students and partners for all their contributions in the development and achievement of our university.


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