Erciyes University Licensed a Group of Patents of Its Own

Erciyes University’s four different patents in the field of “Super-hydrophobic Nanocomposite Coating” has been commercialized at the same time by patent licensing. Erciyes University, which made the first license agreement in 2017, achieved once again by commercialization of patents of its own.

With making a statement about the success of Erciyes University, Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çalış declared:

“Erciyes University is one of 11 Research Universities in Turkey and the only one in Anatolia except Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir besides being one of the biggest universities in Turkey. Our priority is to increase the research performance of our university. Thus, as Erciyes University, the technology transfer is very important for us. Patents come to the forefront in developing knowledge-based economies. We, as Erciyes University, lead the way by licensing several patents as well.

The first patent appeal was made through Erciyes Technology Transfer Office with Erciyes University as applicant in 2014. There are 54 actual patents and utility models which belong to Erciyes University with all exclusive rights besides personal appeals of academicians. Until today, the university has passed the average rate of Turkey and the world with a rate of 13% commercialization by licensing 7 of 54 alive patents.

The Patents of Erciyes University are Commercialized One by One

Today, four inventions in the field of nano-technology are commercialized through licensing. The patents during the signing ceremony today, which contain four separate inventions and support each other, address to every field which requires hydrophobic. The patents which are commercialized today are:

1- Increasing the adsorption of super-hydrophobic coating to the surface and providing a great hydrophobic surface thanks to bidirectional wetting speciality even if applied as a thin film

2- Anti reflective, transparent, high-resistance to water impact and repairing itself

3- Producing with environmentally friendly, herbal and biocompatible materials

4- Ability to be applied by spraying, dropping, dipping or spinning coating methods, cost-efficient and developed even more

Hare Technology Foreign Trade Ltd. Company, which awarded the tender process, will pay the license amount from the turnover revenue from licensed products to Erciyes University. As a result of this agreement, the University-Industry cooperation, which is constantly mentioned, has been implemented once again by Erciyes University, and generation of information in universities has been turned into useful products for the society.  

As Erciyes University, we continue our studies to turn the knowledge into commercial value by licensing our patents in our portfolio in order to increase our contribution to our city and the national economy.

I wish that these inventions, which have been licensed, would be beneficial to our university, our country and to the company which awarded the tender process.

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