New Perspectives: Turkey-UK Higher Education Strategic Partnerships Forum

New Perspectives: Turkey-UK Higher Education Strategic Partnerships Forum was organized in London in partnership with British Council and the Council of Higher Education in Turkey. In this Forum bringing together Turkish and UK university leaders and policy-makers for the first time, new developments in higher education in both countries were shared and new topics such as the improvement of the latest connections towards strategic priorities and the increase of collaboration between two countries.

Among the participants of the Forum are Sir Dominick Chilcott, the UK Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Rahmi ER, the Deputy President of the Council of Higher Education in Turkey, policy-makers and university leaders from the UK and the top 13 research universities in Turkey.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Rahmi ER told that as a new Council of Higher Education, they were paying attention to the internationalization of Turkish higher education and that they were in collaboration with many different countries in this sense. Moreover, he added that the aim of transforming Turkish higher education system into a center of attraction on a regional and global scale was in the foreground and that the number of 40.000 international students was raised to 140.000 in the last 4 years in the studies conducted within this context. He also explained that they intended to contribute to the international recognization of Turkish higher education system in order to bring together the universities in Turkey and the UK and to carry out collaborations in various fields. Additionally, he said that one of the important aims of the Forum is to provide the exchange of more students and academic staff.

In his presentation titled, “Mission Differentiation and Specialization of Turkish Universities”, Erciyes University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇALIŞ told that the access of large masses to higher education is important by stating that the number of universities in Turkey as of today is over 200 and the number of students in higher education is almost 8 million; however, it is also essential to enable the universities to operate efficiently and effectively. In this regard, Professor Çalış also gave information by explaining that as of 2015, studies regarding “The Restructure of Higher Education” in our country had been initiated and crucial applications based on reform had been fulfilled, and informed about the studies performed within the context of Mission Differentiation and Specialization of Turkish Universities and about Regional Development-Oriented Universities and Research Universities, which were first put into practice in our country

Mentioning about the research infrastructures and capacities of Erciyes University in his speech, as well, Professor ÇALIŞ finalized his speech by telling that the Forum would be a notable opportunity in terms of increasing the collaborations between the universities in Turkey and the UK.

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