Produced chemical-free cleaning gel from plant extracts

Erciyes University Faculty of Science, Department of Biology Prof. Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz will contribute to the national economy by marketing the gel, which is totally produced in Erciyes Technopark by plant extracts and free from chemical substances.

Professor Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz has produced cleaning gel by using plant extracts without toxic chemical substances under the scope of the study that they conducted to make academic publications. Develops the product they produced for commercial purposes, Demirezen aims to contribute to the country's economy by marketing them both in Turkey and abroad under the name of the company which was established with the support of Erciyes Technopark.

Prof.Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz said, “As we have an academic title, we started our work based on an academic study. We needed a set of tests to turn this into a publication. We wanted to use the facilities of our university and wanted to begin with the devices in the sterilization unit. As a result of the tests we conducted there, we thought that why wouldn't we commercialise the product we produced. We gave up publishing it and applied directly to the patent application, and then we developed the product and things came to this stage.”

Talking about the unique sides of their products when compared to its market counterparts, Prof. Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz added, “The most important difference from other products is that it is environmentally friendly. You can easily pour the product into your hand. You can use them in houses with children. In hospitals, you can use the product without any problem while you are sterilizing the newborn units, especially those who have cancer treatment, who need to be treated more precisely in the intensive care unit. Nano-technological products are very popular recently, but many of them have toxic chemicals. We do not use toxic chemical substances thus obtaining our product out of water and plant extracts. Our product will be available in a short time. Since these are health-related products, the processes that need to be documented and fulfill are quite high. We have completed them in 1.5 years and have received our new certificates. Now our company is ready to make production. We deal with many large companies and leading hospital chains in Turkey from individual sales. There are institutions for the disinfection of public transport systems. You will see the sale of our products, at least its emblems in such places.”

Expressing that they will also contribute to national economy, Prof.Dr. Dilek Demirezen Yılmaz said, “We want to go global. Our meetings with different countries abroad are continuing. After the legal certification processes, we want to sell the product in accordance with the European Union standards. We have developed a domestic and national product compared to its counterparts and we will have produced it more effectively. We think that we will contribute to the national economy in this way.”

Calling out to ladies, Prof. Dr. Demirezen went on to say, “Ladies have been taking significant roles in every part of our lives. I particularly think that they should quit their timidness when thinking of taking initiatives and their hesitations while taking steps. We have experienced these and have gone through these processes. I think that especially women who know and use technology have a lot to contribute to the industry as well as national economy. I think that you should not be content with what you get in your academic life, but try to incorporate innovative products into the national economy.”

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