The Side Effects of Chemotherapy Will Be Prevented With Special Propolis Produced by Turkish Scientist

Prof. Sibel Silici who is a woman academician of one of the major research centers of Turkey, Erciyes University; has made propolis which is used for hygiene in honey bees’ hives into effective, healthy and patented product by dissolving in olive oil for the first time in the world. The product can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy as well as provide preventive support treatment from diseases.

Prof. Sibel Silici who is lecturer of Erciyes University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, carrying out research about propolis for 25 years and has been awarded by Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) due to works about propolis' useful effects on health; produced a new food supplement by dissolving the propolis in olive oil with the study conducted in Erciyes Technopark which is a science park in Kayseri.

Prof. Sibel Silici says that food supplements in the form of syrups and capsules, which do not contain alcohol, water, chemicals and additives, are healthier than those used when dissolved in alcohol or water and added: “There are more alcohol-solueble propolis products in the world. However in the world, especially in Europe the health care trends use health support without using chemicals and additives. Propolis solubilized in alcohol or in glycol can cause health problems especially in children for long periods of time. Since the solubility in water is very low requires the use of a protective. I prefer propolis products to be alcohol free. First of all, since the product is prepared with special production olive oil, which is known good for health, its activity is increased one more time. An another important issue is there may be assumptions such as 10 drops or 20 drops about using different propolis products without the dose studies. But it is necessary to know the amount of active substance in each drop in all products, to perform dosing study and to raise awareness of the consumer. So this product is different in every respect.”

The results of animal tests are successful

In addition, regarding the product, Prof. Sibel Silici said that animal experiments were made and ethical committee decisions were taken for human experiments and stated the product could be preferred especially by patients who received chemoterapy, those with immune system problems and those who want to be protected from diseases.

It contributes to the immune system, protects from diseases

“Since propolis contributes to the immune system, it could be used to strengthen the immune system during seasonal changes. However, since antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and antidiabetic effects have been proved, I think that many patients will benefit from supportive treatment at this point. We recommend using by especially patients with throat infection and urinary tract infection and people with low immune system. We also recommend for people who receive chemotherapy to be good for the side effects of chemotherapy. One of the most dealed aspects of propolis is antimicrobial activity. Not only against bactericides, but also has antifungal and antiviral properties. In this regard, we have proven that it is effective in children who have upper respiratory tract infections in Erciyes University Fevzi Mercan Children Hospital. Antiviral activity against many viruses has also been tested. However, this product is a support treatment product. Patients may therefore recover in shorter time period by using natural and quality support treatment products without leaving their normal routine care.

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