The first local and national statistical software in Turkey

Turcosa Analitik, which has been established in Erciyes Teknopark, developed the first domestic and national statistical software.

Turcosa Analytical Company, which founded by 4 academic members in Erciyes Teknopark in 2015, offers features that will provide great convenience to academicians with the software it has developed. The aim of the company, which has been established under support from various sources, is to introduce domestic and national software to the world. The software can be used on tablets and smartphones regardless of the operating system. There is also great interest from international origins to domestic software which can analyze, interpret and report research data. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Bulgaria were among the first countries to use the software as a demo.

Stating that their aim is to make the software fully national and local under support from various sources, Assoc. Dr. Contact Gökmen from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine Biostatistics Department, who is one of the founders of the company, added: “We are the founders of Turcosa Analitik with Prof. Ahmet Öztürk, Phd. Lecturer Selçuk Korkmaz and Research Assistant Dinçer Göksülük. As the lecturers and founders of Turcosa, we were developing various statistical software for academic purposes. We had the opportunity to publish these softwares in very important international journals. We received international awards. At the same time, the software is included in the curriculum of graduate courses in the United States and China. From this point of view, we have given a project of the Ministry of Techno-Industry to see if we can make it a project and establish a company, announce it under a national title, thus creating a national statistical software. Afterwards, with the support of the KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK, we established our company in 2015 and started the Turcosa Statistics Software project.”

Indicating that the software will substantially facilitate the work of those researchers with minimum knowledge, Gökmen Zararsız went on to say, “In fact, there are a variety of statistical software used in our country. We aimed to develop a statistical software that can be used by researchers with minimal statistical knowledge and that can use the capabilities of cloud technology. We wanted to develop a national product so that researchers could develop statistical analysis in the cloud environment in Turkish-English. There was no such project in neighboring countries. For this purpose, we started such a project.”

Assoc. Prof. Zararsız described the pros of this software against other as below: “Plus features are as follows; it primarily uses cloud technology thus working independently of the computer. It runs independently of computer features, operating system and device. In other words, it is not necessary to install Turcosa on your computer unlike the other softwares. It enables data analysis on other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Other than that, it is an incredibly user-friendly software. This has the following advantages for researchers, it can perform statistical analysis with minimal information, and after entering the data into the system, the system decides itself the appropriate method with artificial intelligence mechanisms. It also interprets results which is a feature not available in other programs. It supports these results with interactive graphics.”

Informing that they have been negotiating with several university in various cities and they will be reaching more number of people soon, Assoc. Prof. Gökmen Zararsız said, “We have installed the software at Erciyes University last year and started a demo process. We have introduced it to various faculties. We currently have over 100 active users at Erciyes University. It is also ready to be used by all faculty members at the university. Not only in Erciyes University, we have started demo installations at Abant İzzet Baysal University in Bolu, Cumhuriyet University in Sivas and Okan University in Istanbul too. In these universities we intend to actively use the software rather than using other softwares in the market of Turkey thus disseminating the use of local and national statistical software. We have been receiving e-mails from abroad, and Cyprus and Bulgaria are among the countries we want to work with and continue negotiations with. As a matter of fact, we interviewed a university in Bulgaria and started a demo process there. We are aiming to spread this program in neighboring countries after disseminating the use of this software in Turkey and to develop a statistical software which can be used in this region.”

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