The garage story of Turkey: Export to 90 countries from 16 m2 Work Place

A Similar Story with American Technology Giants’ Garage Story Took Place in Turkey

Established by 4 university students in an area of 16 m2, has become a company exporting reservation engine and channel management services to 90 countries in 11 years. The company, who hasn’t accept any support from investors so far, has been exporting 100% domestic software.

Having started producing software in an area of 16 m2 in the basement floor of a building in 2007 by 4 Boğaziçi University graduates with their personal computers, has now become a company which is providing hotel reservations and channel management services to 90 countries and more than a thousand hotels under the hosting of Erciyes Teknopark. Although successful background of reminds us about the garage stories of technology giants in America, the company has accomplished its development only by means of exporting 100% nationally produced software without any investments from abroad.

Co-founder of Reseliva Kürşat Abalı listed the reasons behind their achievements as below:

“One of the most important factors behind our success is the failure free running of our software while meeting the requirements of hotels. We didn’t just work on our desktops while developing the software, we also included the hotel managers to relevant processes. We have obtained their views at each step, we make designs in accordance with their requirements. For this reason, Reseliva has become a software which is mostly preferred by hotel managers. Our marketing activities have developed with word of mouth marketing method. In addition, our software is preferred by companies and hotels in international origins since we provide service in 23 different languages. Since the whole application process is online and there are no intermediary human factors, we have developed rapidly.”

Export more than 1,5 million ? in 2017

Indicating that they attained an export figure of more than 1,5 million TL’s in 2017, Abalı informed that there has been an increase in their objectives for this year by 80% when compared to the figures of last year. Expressing that they have been  working with local partners in some countries including specifically Greece, Brasil and Kenya, Abalı stated that they are planning to launch offices in specific international points, as well as creating a network of regional representatives in Turkey in order to facilitate further development. Highlighting that Reseliva is a 100% domestic software, Abalı said, “Reseliva is currently the market leader in Turkey in channel management and reservation engines. It is a 100% percent domestic software selling to more number of countries abroad. Our hotel managers and we have been using software produced abroad. Reseliva aims to put an end to this. We not only meet the requirements of our hotels located in Turkey and export software abroad.”

Erciyes University, 38039 Kayseri, Turkey. I Phone: +90 352 207 66 66
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