Took inspiration from babies, produced sun cream for plants

Three academicians of Erciyes University produced physical protect product for plants for the first time in Turkey.

The product which is produced to prevent sun burn on the fruits and leafs is inspired from the inorganic sun creams used for babies.

The academicians of Erciyes University Seyrani Faculty of Agriculture Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Başaran, Assoc. Prof. Serkan Şahan and lecturer Oğuzhan Uzun produced the first national physical protect product for plants after the first national inhibitor fertilizer. The innovation of the product which protects the plants against the sun burns has been developed in one of the Erciyes Technopark firms Doğatech. The product has been tested in the test area of Erciyes University Faculty of Agriculture on the basis of many farmers from the several areas of Turkey. The commercial producing of the product which gives the 75 percent positive results with using maximum 2 liters for the 1-hectare area has started. The product provides a cost advantage to farmers compared to foreigner competitors and also prevents the commercial lost without leaving stains on the fruits.

“Prevents yellowing and decay”

Project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Başaran states the product is like a sun cream for the plants and said that they decided to make such a production in order to remove the negative results caused by sun rays which have extremely harmful results even in terms of human health.

Assoc. Prof. Başaran said: “Especially in July and August if the solar rays are so steep, tempereture increment occurs on both the surface of the fruit and the leaves. And this can cause yellowing on the fruit first, then necrosis and even decay before the harvest. This product we developed covers the top of the fruit like a film layer and reflects the ultraviolet rays preventing the fruit surface from overheating. This is a kind of sun cream for plants.”

“Decreases the commercial loss of fruit 75 percent”

Assoc. Prof. Başaran said that they took the inorganic sun creams for babies as an example during the development process and added: “In our experiments we noticed that when the product is applied, it reduced fruit surface temperature by 10 percent after both a few hours and a week. It prevents the yellowing of fruit coat first and then necrosis and decay due to temperature. The losses depending on sunburn in fruits can reach up to 20 percent and farmers can not sell them at all. They also can not keep them in storage because these fruits cause the healthy fruits to decay too. So this product can reduce at least 75 percent of the 20 percent loss of the farmers. It is enough to use it for 3 or 4 times during the harvest time for this.”

“Compared to foreign competitors both cost is low and does not leave any stain on fruit”

Assoc. Prof. Başaran stated that the first and domestic product in terms of chemical content does not drop the commercial value of the fruits because it does not cause staining compared to foreign competitors and reduces the cost. And added:

“The most dominating products in the market are koalin sourced products and 40-50 kilograms per hectare should be used to provide optimum benefit. But it is enough to use at least 2 liters for a hectare to protect the plant for our product we developed. While other products leave stains on the fruit, the farmer can get a good yield when applying this product 3 or 4 times during the harvest. The product we developed does not cause any visual problem for both farmer and clients because it constitutes very thin film layer. Our product provides economic profit, reduces workmanship and does not leave stain on the fruit. Therefore it increases the amount of marketable fruit.”

Assoc. Prof. Başaran said that the patent protected product is available in all pesticides or fertilizer dealers in Turkey with the “Solarex-uv blocker” brand belongs to Doğatech firm.

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