Young Engineers Develop Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Unmanned underwater vehicle, called ‘Crow ', which is designed by 3 young engineers in Kayseri, will carry out underwater exploration and screening activities.

Furkan Şahin, Ali Çamdal and Davut Canbulut, young engineers graduated from Erciyes University who wanted to produce unmanned underwater vehicles, realized their dreams with the support of Erciyes Teknopark in Kayseri. Young engineers started to work at Erciyes Technopark LAB Erciyes Rapid Prototyping Workshop and produced the unmanned underwater vehicle with 100% domestic production including all the software. The aim of the young engineers, who ranked 3rd in the competition organized by TÜBİTAK, is to be able to obtain a degree in Teknofest.

Providing information regarding the Project, Furkan Şahin said, “We have been carrying out our work at Erciyes Technopark SERA Incubation Center. We participated in the TÜBİTAK competition with our works which focus on health and we became the third in the region. This success brought us the excitement and belief of joining Teknofest. We applied for the category of unmanned underwater vehicles at Teknofest. The most important factor that sets us apart from other competitors is the application of Nano technology to our vehicle. We use these nanoparticles produced at the Erciyes University Nano Technology Research Center. Because we want the vehicle to have minimum contact with the water.”

Another member of the team Ali Çamdal also added, “We have designed all the software systems of this device ourselves which will compete at the advanced category of Teknofest 2019 unmanned underwater systems competition. Within the scope of this competition, there are tasks that can be done in the advanced category itself for the vehicle. We have enabled the device to perform these tasks with artificial intelligence. In many missions, after landing in the water, it will perform tasks such as object identification, hark identification and passing through the circle without any external influence. It will also have remote-controlled tasks. This device will take part in the competition as a self-running and remotely controlled rover. This vehicle will do all the operations currently fulfilled by unmanned aerial vehicles from high above, such as location scanning, image acquisition and signal transmission under the water. This allows us to use features such as searching for any object we want from underwater images or scanning any underwater surfaces. In this way, we will present a device such as unmanned underwater devices that are missing for our country. We are proud to have built this device with a team of 3 people.”

Delivering information regarding the design of the vehicle Davut Canbulut said, “We designed our vehicle, the mechanical design is completely owned by our team, at Erciyes Technopark. The name of our vehicle is crow. Because crows are clever animals. That's why we found it appropriate to name it. We designed and assembled our vehicle in about 3 weeks. We have full confidence in ourselves, since we completed our works in this short period. We believe that we will have great success in the competition.”

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