Yusuf Kaya, Co-founder of Batron Enerji A.Ş., "We are trying to meet the deficit for batteries in civil industries"

Batron Enerji has been established in Erciyes Teknopark is trying to meet the deficit for batteriesin civil industries

Yusuf Kaya,co-founder of Batron Enerji A.Ş.said, "We are designing batteries for so many devices produced by a large number of companies."

Yusuf Kaya,co-founder of Batron Enerji A.Ş. which has been established with the support of Erciyes Teknopark and TÜBİTAK 1512, provided information regarding the investment networks which supported them for battery design systems they developed as well as projects they implemented.

The co-founder of Batron Enerji A.Ş. and Engineer of Electronic Systems Design, Yusuf Kaya said, “Our company has been established in 2017 August with the support of TÜBİTAK 1512. Our company is designing battery systems. We offer battery pack products that have modular multi-discipline approach for the UAV, robotic system, electric vehicle, drones, wearable technology, renewable energy and jammer markets. Until today, we have delivered a large number of batteries for different sectors. During that time, we have also completed TÜBİTAK project successfully too. Then, we started our negotiations with investors. Negotiations resulted in success and our company has obtained an investment from ERBAN Angel Investment Network, which provides activity under the framework of Erciyes Teknopark and TR ANGELS Angel Investment Network from Istanbul. Currently, we continue successfully on this way. Our company, which has been established as a limited company, is currently providing service as an incorporated company. From now on, our specific objective is to make export. In this sense, we have been receiving requests specifically from Italy, Holland and Poland and we are keeping on our negotiations. In the meantime, we have been included in the supplier lists for a number and we are currently going on production for these companies. Now, we continue our activities within the framework of Erciyes Teknopark. There are a lot of works here, Teknopark and we have made great benefit from this. We are planning to maintain our works here.” 

Stressing that there is a huge gap in terms of battery design and production, Yusuf Kaya added, “We, as a battery management and battery designer company, produce batteries for devices in different sectors. There is a huge gap in the field of battery design in our country, that’s why we do this job. Device designers can't even find the right battery for their products. We started out with such an idea that we could meet this requirement in the field. Since we started this business, we design special batteries for many devices. We are trying to meet the deficit in the field and we design special batteries for our customers as well as standard products.”

Co-founder of Batron Enerji A.Ş., Yusuf Kaya stated that there were lots of investment networks to provide support specifically for new entrepreneurs in the university and they could maintain their works in collaboration as a team and went on to say, “I advise many people who plan to do entrepreneurial activities in all areas, especially when they are university students, they could work in close cooperation with technology developing units, companies and institutions such as Erciyes Teknopark. I recommend that they use special platforms where they can implement their ideas. In this way, instead of implementing their ideas alone, they can build a team and a good team can do great jobs. There is a need for entrepreneurial actions in our country and there are serious supports to conclude these initiatives.”

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